Sunday, June 27, 2010


This weekend is filled with lots of good stuff!!! Last Monday we went to Bishop's house to FHE and we had a lesson on the tender mercies we get each day. Since then I have really been trying to recognize each tender mercy instead of just letting the days go by.

Saturday we woke up and it was just another Saturday. Walked out of our room and the flying ants were back. (Yes, our apartment was sprayed last Saturday, the ants showed back up Tuesday....) I told Stephen that I was going crazy living with these flying ants all day long! (He's on campus most of the day, while I am at home...) Well, it was a beautiful day outside, so we went to the park. Let's just say that I needed to get out of the apartment! Stephen was reading his book, while I was taking in the sun and people watching (one of my favorite things to do).

At 2:30 there was a water war. I would say 600+ people showed up for this war. I thought it was funny to watch! It was so nice spending time outside watching some very interesting people! We got lots of sun and lots of free entertainment!

The back of Stephen's legs. He was on his stomach reading his book...

We came back and went to play tennis again for a little bit. After like 30 minutes the sun was really hurting my sunburn, so we left. At 7:30 we went to Comic Frenzy on campus and loved it. The last one we went to wasn't as good as it had been, so we haven't been for a while. Meagan and Jaron invited us to go, so we decided this would be a good time to try it again. Stephen was laughing non-stop, and we all know that his laugh is contagious!

After, we decided to go to BRC's frozen custard. When we got there they were setting up a large screen for an outside movie. Although it was windy and a little chilly, the movie was good!

Today, I woke up around 8. Went out of our room, and there was a NEW trail of ants. We bought some new pesticide spray yesterday, so I decided to try it out. As I was spraying the trail, I noticed there were a lot more right below this vent than normal. I decided to try to open it up and see if that's where they were coming from. As soon as I started unscrewing the screws, ants just started dropping out. Of course, I freaked out and just started spraying like crazy to kill them. I got Stephen up to come help me kill these things!

We took the vent off, and look what we found...
This picture does not even do justice what we could see. There were literally thousands of ants crawling in this space. Some had wings, some didn't. Luckily this new spray works better at killing the ants than our last one. They died on contact! We found their home, and now they will be out of ours!!! Hopefully we can get an exterminator to come sometime next week to make sure they kill the home and get the ones that we couldn't! I can finally breathe again and not feel like I am going crazy with the ants!

Good things this weekend:
comic frenzy
outside movie


  1. Oh my gosh! So glad you found the ant problem! I would have been freaked out too!

    Sounds like your weekend went great! What are you doing during the days? You totally need to come over, Shanda! Lets get together sometime this week!

  2. dang ants. so annoying! ouch to stephen's legs, and we miss you!!!!