Thursday, May 3, 2012


Mayci started BYU-I again this semester, so Beckham, my mom, and I took her to Idaho. This was one long car ride....especially with a 4 month old! He loves being in the car, and did awesome the first day (10 hour drive).
The second day he realized it wasn't as cool to be in the car and cried most of the time. We stopped every 2-3 hours to feed him and let him stand and enjoy being out of the car seat. He really liked to bend backwards and stretch!
I was not very good at getting out my camera and taking pictures...but while in Idaho we were able to visit Brian, Jaclyn, and Brekan. We also went to visit Torrey and Kanyin.

Then we went to Utah and stayed with my Grandma. She was surprised to see that Beckham and I came with! We tried some avocado. He did NOT like it!
We were so excited to see old friends in Utah! We got to see Shawna, Nate, and Wilson! We also saw one of my old roommates Hailey Hodel.  Also, we got to see Lindsay and Joe.
One day we had dinner with some family. He was able to meet some aunts, uncles, and cousins. We rarely just sat. He was so tired at the end of the day!

We brought Maddie back home with us. We had fun on the trip, but we were so ready to be home!


Beckham is now 5 months old, but we went to Utah the day after his 4 month appointment and I am just now getting back on to post. At his 4 month check-up he was:
15 lbs 13 oz (60th percentile)
24.64 inches (25th percentile)
17 inch head circumference (70th percentile)

He loves:
to suck on his fingers
his paci
to stand
going on walks
being outside
to talk
to eat!

He is almost sitting and almost rolling over.
(He has sat by himself for a couple seconds and rolled over twice.)

I accidentally left the stroller in the car and Stephen went to the end of our walk, by back was so sore and he was passed out!

This was Easter Sunday. He loved looking at the eggs...but had a hard time holding them!