Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Since my Practicum class ended Friday, and Monday was a holiday, today was my first free day! That was my only class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Today I decided to be productive and deep clean our apartment! Sorry I don't have a before picture, but as you can see in the after picture, it is clean! I started with our bedroom, and Friday I will work on our spare room. We started it a couple of weeks ago, so it shouldn't be too bad!

On another note, we had a bunch of winged ants show up in our living room yesterday! We killed all the ones that we saw (which was a TON) and then sprayed our window sill and door to make sure that they would die before they inside our apartment. Today, we woke up and there was more! Today, they weren't in the middle of our floor though, they were on the window sill and in our curtains. SICK! Hopefully we will be able to get an exterminator to come and get rid of these!

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  1. Good Job Shanda!!!!! i miss you guys! How is rexburg? How is school? I hope all is going well :) love you!