Monday, April 26, 2010

5th grade

For my Senior Practicum class, I got placed in a 5th grade classroom at Jefferson Elementary in Rigby, Idaho! Today was my full day to be with these 5th graders. So far so good. I also taught my first lesson to 33 students at once! (I think the most I have ever taught was 20ish students...) The last two days of being in the classroom all day I have come home exhausted! On Friday (my first day), I came home and took a TWO hour nap! Today I have not taken a nap, but I am worried I will pass out while doing homework!

I hope this gets easier, and I get less tired as I spend more time in the classroom!

(Sorry there is no picture of the school, I tried to find one online, but couldn't...)


  1. Shanda! how is the 5th grade?! isn't practicum exhausting?! Do you just love your class? :) How are your other classes? i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey!! I have a blog too!! This is fun! It's acecoon.blogspot! Anyway your blog is cute and you probably update it more often than I do mine! Most of mine is pictures of Ellie!Oh and this is Courtney!