Saturday, April 17, 2010

3:30 AM!!!

Last night was a very late night! I cannot remember the last time I stayed awake later than 1:30 or stayed out later than 12:30! Last night we went over to one of Stephen's accounting buddies house.
Our night consisted of:

board games, dominoes, and Mario Kart
(I came in last almost everytime in Mario Kart...)
nachos, candy, and apples with peanut butter

We didn't end up leaving until around 3:30!
(and for some reason I woke up at 8:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep...)
Thank you Craig and Salem for having us over!

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  1. Is Ticket to Ride fun? Justin has been wanting to get it but we've never played it before so he's not even sure if he'd like it. What would you compare it to? I would recommend Bohnanza to y'all. It's a lot of fun!