Monday, September 16, 2013

Road Trip

Stephen was able to be out of the office for two weeks (between vacation days and working in California). We went to Utah and hung out with family and had a family reunion the first week, then drove to CA and hung out with friends and went to the beach. We had a blast! We were excited to be back home and in our own bed, but sad to leave CA at the same time. We listened beach waves on the iPhone for a couple of nights.
We were lucky that he was such a good traveler! We drove 17 hours the first day, then only had to drive 3 the second!

We went on a little hike to a waterfall while in Sandy, UT

All the siblings (minus Brody who was golfing)

We had fun at Seven Peaks both times we went. B LOVED to go on the rides, and we loved that they let him!

We stayed with Jon and Kristin Dahlin while in San Jose. We spent the day in San Francisco. We got to see the bridge and the pier. Casey and Rachel Flynn came later that day so we had an accounting party (minus 2)

At the Full House house

To get to LA, we drove down highway 1. It took  a couple extra hours, but it was so pretty and worth it!

Piano stairs in Hollywood! We just happened to be there during the world premiere for Planes, and saw several stars walk the red carpet. (unfortunately the pictures are on Stephen's phone)

Madison and B playing in the sand at Huntington Beach

Dad and B

We were lucky enough that B took a nap so well on the beach every day we went!

We LOVED having Mayci and Maddie with us!

Our last night--sunset

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