Friday, April 19, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Well, it has been several months since I have posted. Beckham has grown so much! He is now walking like a pro, and has even tried running.  
He is picking up sign language really well. I showed him how to do "help" twice, and then he did it by himself. He now signs: thank you, more, please, and help. 
He says: momma, dadda, love you, Dizzy (from Bob the builder), and whoa!
He loves to give kisses and hugs.
He weighs a little over 27 lbs. 
He has 7 teeth.  The doctor said by the time they are 2 years old he will easily have 16 teeth. That is 9 teeth in 7 months! Yikes!
We bought a little chair for Beckham and he thinks it's so fun to move it around the living room and sit on it.

He LOVES being outside. Beckham can walk the whole way to the playground :-)

He had a high fever and just wanted to lay on the couch with no clothes on.

His favorite things are playing with pen and paper

Little cheese ball. I told him to smile for a picture and this is the cute face I got (a couple of times).

Beckham liked looking at the snow, but did not want to touch it. (When I was cold, and told him to go inside he started screaming. He is like his dad and loves cold weather!)

He absolutely loves Brody.

Weighing in at 27 lbs exactly!

We had a busy day running errands. He was so tired he couldn't even finish his book.

We went to the Gentry Zoo and it was such a nice day!

Coloring Easter Eggs

At Little Gym with Grandma

Hiding from the vacuum

After church

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  1. He is so cute!!! I miss you guys so much! I really really hope that we get to play and see you guys this summer.... fingers crossed! I love the post and pics :) XO