Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer Trips

In July we took a day trip to the Tulsa Aquarium! It was nice to just get out of the house and go do something. We were able to see some interesting creatures.
When we got there, they were trying to feed this eel to get him to come out of the rock. He didn't want the food, but ended up coming out so we could see him anyways.

My favorite animals are always the jelly fish! I think they are very interesting. They had several different types of jelly fish at this aquarium. Some were very very small, and others were big!

They also had a shark tunnel. The glass was about 4-5 inches thick. It was fun to watch the sharks swim above and around us.

A couple weeks later we drove to Branson and met Brian and Jaclyn at White Water! Sadly I don't have any pictures, but we had fun! It was so good seeing friends again!

After White Water we went to eat at a place called Lambert's Cafe. It is always a really long wait, but definitely worth it if you are in the area! During your meal they walk around with about six different side dishes and ask if you want them. And the best part, they throw rolls at you from across the room! The food is tasty, and the atmosphere is great!

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